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When the weather alert for Glastonbury Festival says thunderstorms could hit the site on Thursday

It may have been sunny wall to wall on opening day, but Glastonbury-goers are warned they might need their raincoats and wellies today (June 23). Forecasters say there’s a chance a nasty Wednesday will turn into a thunderstorm on Thursday.

Early this morning the Met Office’s yellow warning for thunderstorms was still in effect. The warning covers much of the country, from the south coast to Birmingham, as it is unclear exactly where the storms could hit.

But if Glastonbury Festival is unlucky enough to be below, it could be bad – with torrential downpours and possible flooding, as well as thunder and lightning. The warning begins at 10 a.m. today, just as people emerge from tents on a wonderfully sunny morning.

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The weather warning for a risk of storms lasts until midnight, so don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be ok by tea time as that’s when they’re most likely . According to the BBC forecast for Glastonbury, if the festival escapes storms it will be sunny until around midday with temperatures around 22C.

The BBC also predicts there could be light showers and winds to keep revelers cool as the mercury soars into double digits. Fingers crossed the Festival escapes as Worthy Farm has been hit by thunderstorms in the past – which can turn the site into the dreaded mud pit seen in previous years.

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It was the yellow warning from the Met Office this morning: “Thunderstorms are likely to develop in some areas, particularly in the afternoon and early evening.

“While most places will likely miss them, where thunderstorms do occur, it is possible that in a few places up to 40mm of rain could fall in about an hour and 40-60mm in two or three hours. These torrential thunderstorms downpours can be accompanied by frequent lightning, while gusty winds and hail can also affect a few places.

“The exact location of thunderstorms will be difficult to determine, so the alert area will be monitored and updated as necessary.