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Where do homeowners pay the most property taxes?

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Soaring house prices naturally mean that tax assessments are also likely to rise. But tax assessments don’t exactly match home market values.

Depending on the jurisdiction, tax assessments are reviewed annually or semi-annually and sometimes include discounts. In addition, the amount of tax paid varies according to the assessment of each jurisdiction.

The average property tax increase for homeowners over the past five years was 18%, according to a study by House Method, a company that studies home service providers. The majority of US counties (93%) saw an increase in property tax bills, with 11 counties seeing a property tax bill more than double in the past five years.

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Nearly 10% of counties saw an average tax bill increase of $500 or more, and 5% saw an increase of 40% or more.

Eight jurisdictions are the most expensive with median property tax bills of at least $10,000, which is the highest amount tracked by the Census Bureau, according to House Method.

Most of these counties are in New York (Nassau, Rockland, New York, and Westchester counties) or New Jersey (Bergen, Essex, and Union counties), with the eighth being in the city of Falls Church, Virginia.

The areas of the country with the highest property tax bills are in the Northeast and the Bay Area in Northern California. Eighteen of the 20 most expensive jurisdictions are in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, with Marin County in California and Falls Church, Virginia rounding out the list.

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The regions with the lowest property taxes are in the South and Midwest, with Louisiana and Alabama having 13 of the 20 counties with the lowest property tax bills. The five counties with the lowest median property tax bills, at just $199 per year, include Choctaw County, Alabama; Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska; and three jurisdictions in Louisiana: Avoyelles Parish, East Carroll Parish, and Madison Parish.

The median tax bill has more than doubled over the past five years in 11 counties, including many in Texas.

  • Terrell County, Texas (up 167%)
  • Grant Parish, Louisiana (125%)
  • Upton County, Texas (121%)
  • Borden County, Texas (121%)
  • Petroleum County, Mt. (115 percent)
  • Zavala County, Texas (111%)
  • Kent County, Texas (110%)
  • McMullen County, Texas (108%)
  • Webster County, Georgia (104%)
  • Garfield County, Mt. (104 percent)
  • Stevens County, Kansas (101%)

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