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WHO COVID-19 site shows J&K part of Pak and China; TMC deputy seeks intervention from the Center

In a letter written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, Trinamool Congressman Dr Santanu Sen claimed that Jammu and Kashmir is part of China and Pakistan on the world map of the COVID-19 portal. of the World Health Organization. Sharing screenshots of the COVID-19 dashboard, he said the world map showed two different colors for Jammu and Kashmir when looking for COVID data. After clicking on the colors, the map showed the larger part of the COVID-19 data for Pakistan and the smaller part showed the COVID-19 data for China.

Further emphasizing this problem in his letter, the TMC MP also called it an “international problem” that needs immediate correction. Apart from this, he also claimed that the part of Arunachal Pradesh was depicted as being bounded differently on the site.

“As seeing such features on the website of an internationally renowned organization is very distressing to the citizens of our country, this should be immediately corrected and Indians should be made aware how such a grave error remains ignored ever since. a long time,” Sen said in his letter.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Jammu and Kashmir has been misrepresented on the Indian map, resulting in a clash with the government. The microblogging website and the Indian government have been at loggerheads several times in the past.

Jammu and Kashmir presented as a separate country from India

Earlier in 2021, a post shared by Twitter distorted the Indian map showing Jammu and Kashmir as a separate country from India further showing larger parts of Ladakh as China. It came just 10 months after Twitter tagged Leh as part of China and invited pointed responses from the Indian government.

Later, in a stern letter addressed to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, Ajay Sawhney, the Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Computers demanded the immediate removal of this incorrect information, saying that such an attempt does not respect not the sovereignty and integrity of the country, which is totally unacceptable. The card was later deleted from Twitter.

Image: ANI