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Working Solutions NYC Announces Content on Amazon Flex Find NYC Lawyer for Unfair dismissal or Misclassification

Working Solutions NYC is a team of labor lawyers who focus on wrongful dismissal issues, broadly defined.

Amazon Flex may seem like a good way to earn extra income.

– Chris Q. Davis

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 / – Working Solutions NYC, a team of lawyers specializing in labor law working on severance pay, FMLA, and the unpaid wage problems in New York and New Jersey at, is proud to announce new content on Amazon Flex, Bad termination, and misclassification issues in New York and New Jersey. “Amazon Flex” is a gigantic retailer program in which people drive their own cars to deliver packages and it is available in New York and New Jersey.

“Amazon Flex may seem like a good way to generate additional revenue,” said Chris Q. Davis, managing partner of the law firm. “As our blog post explains, however, many people have apparently been fired primarily by an algorithm and in some cases may or may not have a problem with employment. Anyone who believes they have been fired wrongly or classified mistakenly as “independent contractor” against an “employee” should contact a lawyer. “

People who want to read the new blog post on Amazon flex can visit This post has become a popular piece of content on the internet and social media, as participants in the Amazon Flex program worry about a possible unfair dismissal and / or misclassification as an entrepreneur versus an entrepreneur. employee. Every situation is unique, and anyone – who for whatever reason feels they’ve been wrongly or misfired should contact a New York employment lawyer for a consultation. Only a licensed and trained lawyer can assess the facts and the law to determine whether or not there is a cause of action. Second, those looking for a wrongful termination lawyer in New York can visit This information page explains some of the basics of unfair dismissal in New York and the importance of contacting an employment lawyer for a case assessment.

The reality is that entrepreneurs and employees have rights, and the best step may be to contact an employment lawyer for a consultation on a possible unfair dismissal and / or misclassification as an entrepreneur compared to an employee. Fortunately, the law firm offers a no-obligation case assessment over the phone, internet, or in person, as needed.


Working Solutions NYC is a law firm with offices in New York (New York City) and New Jersey that is committed to meeting the potential needs of clients who are looking for a lawyer. This includes, but is not limited to, allegations of discrimination, retaliation, FMLA violations, wrongful termination, employee benefits and vacation pay, FLSA violations such as unpaid wages. and overtime, termination agreements and sexual harassment. For employers, the law firm deals with issues such as litigation defense, manual and contract writing, compliance and HR consulting services, small business services and start-up services. People who may have problems with employment law are encouraged to contact the law firm for a confidential and no obligation consultation.

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