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xQc wonders why he’s facing backlash for his reaction content

xQc has been in the spotlight for being the biggest Twitch streamer to participate in the new trend of reacting to live TV shows and movies, coming under constant criticism for breaching DMCA laws.

XQc’s heated moment on djWHEAT tweet highlights recent Twitch reaction meta

On Canadian streamer Twitch’s last broadcast, Felix “xQc” Lengyel reacted live to Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham’s tweet accusing his management team of doing a bad job.

A lot of people are doing it @xQc to keep delivering content that he doesn’t own, but maybe it’s time to start pointing out how worthless his own management team has to be for that to happen. Who is really looking for the careers of these creators? ️

This sent xQc into a rant about the unfairness of the situation, claiming no one cared when streamer Disguised Toast reacted to the popular anime Naruto in streaming. Famous Toast Watched Naruto constantly streaming, watching over 150 episodes of the show in total. He even fell asleep while the show was playing, making his stream a place to watch this anime for free.

The reaction to throwing the blame and trying to point fingers at someone else is something xQc does often, but this time around it seems like he’s trying to point out how he’s being unfairly ridiculed for just being the most. great creator of the platform. Instead of using his status against him, he wants everyone to be held equally accountable so that no one has to take responsibility for everyone.

Some took to Reddit to share their take on the clip, saying Toast received hatred for his feeds, but xQc is certainly growing.

One user even pointed to the hypocracy of a Twitch staff member calling xQc for mismanagement, further criticizing how he should focus more on fixing the root of the problem.

It’s ironic that a person in charge of Twitch-related projects gives the xQc leadership team a hard time, even though it’s the company he works for that essentially allows this trend to thrive.

Others have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter, many agreeing that djWHEAT’s comments are hypocritical.

@ djBLÉ @xQc How about we talk about the pointlessness of the contraction management team? you used to preemptively delete any stream of content they didn’t have. a few years ago you wouldn’t have allowed this meta. but now you do and try to blame the streamers when your platform is hosting it.

@ djBLÉ @xQc I really hope this gets Sony, Fox, Viacom knocking on Twitch’s door. Twitch’s quality control is a joke. It’s your platform, but it’s a management team issue? Be real.

The debate over the content of the reactions on Twitch is intensifying every day, and with more streamers affected by DMCA removals, it looks like the tensions will only increase.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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