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“Yes, we had domestic violence” – Sketch creator Isbae U starts beating his girlfriend “Mummy Wa”

Nigerian sketch maker Adebayo Ridwan popularly known as Isbae U opened on domestic violence allegations against his girlfriend Kemi Ikuseedun better known as Mummy Wa.

It comes after an anonymous Instagram blogger called him out for cheating on his girlfriend, mercilessly beating her and using gifts and vacations to make up for and apologize to her.

Responding to the allegations, Isbae U in a post shared on her Instagram Story admitted to experiencing domestic violence in their relationship, but it was only yelling, name-calling and dragging each other’s phone.

Isbae U said there was nothing he said to his girlfriend, Mummy Wa, that she didn’t tell him the worst and whenever they had a misunderstanding, she always walked out of the house them.

According to the popular sketch maker, Mummy Wa had always suspected him of having a chick by his side, especially whenever he told her to go stay with her parents in case of a misunderstanding.

Isbae U added that he was always the one to apologize for every wrong in their relationship and decided not to do it again because he wanted her to apologize for once.

He wrote: “Now about the domestic abuse yes yes yes we had that in our relationship but it was all yelling and name calling and phone dragging there’s nothing I said that she didn’t couldn’t say worse… and I’m not saying it’s fake but… when we have a misunderstanding, she packs loads and leaves little things”.

“If I tell her baby I think you should go home for a while and check on your family she’d say I’m sure someone’s coming to see you that’s why you want me to go and because I don’t want her doubting me, i always apologize and let her stay. i never beat her for once, i never hit her”.

“All that makes her angry is because this time I chose not to beg her to come home and it was because I just wanted her to be the one to apologize for a time”.