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Young comedian and skit creator, Kiriku on the rise for excellence in comedy

Enorense Victory, known as Kiriku, hails from Edo State. He is a mix of the Bini tribe. A Nigerian comic actor whose comedic sketches portray the street lifestyle and many other crazy scripts that usually make audiences laugh. He earned his elementary school diploma and certificate in his hometown before getting into sketch making.

Kiriku began his career in comedy when he was four years old. His dream was to become an actor. He has performed dramas in several comedy shows and events despite being a little boy, he proves that he is a super gifted actor and in the beginning he participated in street theater competitions which are usually organized to test the abilities of young people. Kiriku, who is currently a celebrity, had to persuade his parents to allow him to fully enter the Nigerian comedy industry after being selected and he succeeded.

He has performed with many popular comedians such as; Oga Sabinus, Broda Shaggi and Cute Abiola. Without mincing words, Kiriku is a very talented comedian who stands out for his comic signature in his comedy. [Abeg Shift]. He rose to popularity after popular Instagram blogger, Tunde Ednut reposted one of his comedy sketches and now Kiriku has practically become a household name.