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Your Ecommerce Site Can Fail Without These 6 Things

For e-commerce aficionados, the possibilities are endless. With over 230 million Americans shopping online, according to Statista, there’s been no better time to jump into the e-commerce industry.

But no industry is without its own attributes, the absence of which will pass it off as illegitimate or even as an impostor.

If users are bouncing too much on your ecommerce site, your website’s appearance may be the reason.

For an ecommerce site, I am highlighting the six elements that you need to incorporate from the start if you want to be successful.

6 Features Every Ecommerce Site Must Have

If an online marketer lands on your ecommerce website and doesn’t see (or see) any of these things, they can immediately become suspicious of your business.

Security measures

If you really want to make money on your ecommerce website, the last thing you want buyers to see when they land on your website is:

This communicates three things in a user’s mind:

  • Your site is not secure
  • Your business is illegitimate
  • You don’t take your business seriously

Each or all of these will lead to the same thing: the decision not to buy.

It’s 2021 and consumers are smarter than ever with so many options to choose from with the click of a button.

And that’s why you need to put the right security measures in place. Below are the steps you can take to strengthen the security of your e-commerce website.

  • Install an SSL certificate
  • Enable two-factor authentication to prevent phishing and show customers they are protected
  • Have a privacy policy page and place it where customers can easily find it
  • Have a money back guarantee policy and place it where customers can easily see it

View related items or products

There are many reasons why someone may have landed on your ecommerce website; they may have come looking for a product; read reviews; to buy; etc.

What I mean is that not all visitors have an intention to buy. But you can increase their chances of making a purchase by showing them related items.

Because, whatever the reason they came, showing them alternative items might help trigger their buying instincts.

When I searched for MacBook on Amazon, this is what I found:

And below, there was this:

The good thing about this is that it was probably some minor issues I am having with my MacBook that led me to the Amazon website in the first place.

Even though I can’t afford a new Apple MacBook right now, any of these related products could have been what I needed to immediately fix my problem. Thus, my visit to the website will not be lost.

With a simple tip like this, a consumer’s intention can undergo a drastic change in seconds. I lived through this numberless period by buying teas online.

Create an FAQ section

FAQs are very common with SaaS and e-commerce these days, and most of them relate to money security.

In a sense, someone with other alternatives wants to know how your product / service helps them before they settle for you.

If you can answer most of the questions that worry them, you have a better chance of winning their trade.

For example, a visitor who wants to buy from your eCommerce site for the first time would like to know if you have a money back guarantee policy and how it works.

Most of these questions are about financial security, and if you can answer them before they ask you directly, you will make it easier for them to make the decision to buy from you.

Getting the right questions to answer in your FAQ section shouldn’t be difficult. Here are some suggestions for finding the most relevant questions from your customers:

  • Go through your support ticket and email boxes and find recurring questions.
  • Ask your customers on social networks
  • Consult your competitor’s FAQ section
  • Brainstorm what matters most to your customers and use them to develop a series of FAQ questions and answers

Don’t forget the positioning of your FAQ section. It is best to leave it at the foot of your website on every page of the website.

User Generated Reviews

Considering the growing popularity of user-generated reviews, this is a red flag for customers to go to an e-commerce website and not see any third-party reviews.

According to this Econsultancy report, 63% of consumers are more than likely to buy from a website if it has user reviews.

Additionally, word of mouth marketing is the most powerful type of marketing you can hope for. And human-to-human conversation makes it easier to accept that something is true than what is heard from a supplier.

Make sure you dedicate space for user-generated content and encourage it from your website users as well.


What do BigCommerce and Shopify have in common?

They derive much of their growth from their successful blogging businesses.

Not all e-commerce will achieve the popularity and success of Amazon. But if you want to get relatively fat, blogging is a thing of the past.

Nowadays, advertisements are getting more and more expensive due to the new efforts of the tech giants to protect the privacy of consumers.

If you haven’t thought about blogging as part of your marketing mix, now is the time to start thinking about it.

There are many ways blogging can help your ecommerce business be successful; from traffic to brand awareness, high AD and appearing on rich snippets on Google, and much more.

This is not a place to go deeper.

Search bar

And last but not the least is the search bar. An e-commerce simply cannot exist without it.

Since ecommerce is a marketplace and ease of purchase is the primary motivation for online shoppers, you need to have a search bar to make it easy for them to search for whatever they want.

Wrap it up

This is just a checklist of six things, and by no means exhaustive.

When building an ecommerce website, your mind is more likely to focus on architecture, UX, products, marketing strategy, etc.

But no matter what you do, if any of these five things are missing from your website, your efforts in other areas may fail.

Rather than seeing this as a guide to building an ecommerce site, consider it a nudge in the right direction.